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Zion National Park, Utah, USA

The first day exploring Zion National Park, we decided to visit the Zion Wilderness Area first, to get our feet wet so to speak. Well I must say we got to know the park well quick, unplanned of course. We had drove from Zion Canyon, through the tunnel to the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway’s East Entrance, searching for the Many Pools hike with no luck. Lost or not, we hiked on and enjoyed this part of the park. I liked just pulling over and discovering new areas. But on the way back to tunnel, we pulled over to explore one last spot, we found it…  I think.

Along the Sandy Trail 

Hiking deeper past the trail head, the rocky desert ground turned into thick sand making it challenging to hike in and follow any man made path. We quickly realized we weren’t headed on the right trail, but kept exploring the area as it certainly had some amazing views.

Along the Sandy Trail, Zion National Park, Utah


Along Many Dry Pools

Took us a little while to find a this off the beaten path hike, But was surely worth it, had the place to our selves for a few hours. Hiking along the dry creeks and pools of Zion. 

Along Many Dry Pools, Zion National Park, Utah

Golden Lite Virgin River


All it takes is a short walk from the road to soak up this view. Light reflects off the rocks of Zion to the Virgin River.

Golden Lite Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah