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Tours & Workshops - Terms & Conditions

Andre Sousa Photography Tours offers a range of services to meet the needs and desires for every traveler. Whether you're looking for vast landscapes or niche interests, our photography is sure to satisfy your desires! As a photo tour leader, I'm not a typical tourist guide rushing from one point of interest to the next; I share a passion with like-minded people who want nothing more than a pure escape from their daily routine to take time to photograph and enjoy the moment.

Please read through our terms and conditions before booking a photography tour or workshop with us;  so there is no misunderstanding regarding what to expect on a trip. If there's anything specific you want to share with us or need clarifications,  please feel free to contact us directly (we always try to help out travelling clients fulfill their dreams.)


  • By booking a tour or workshop with Andre Sousa Photography, you confirm that these terms and conditions have been read.
  • Andre Sousa Photography Tours can be a great experience, but there is always risk involved. The tours offered have been designed with care and consideration to get the most out of your trip while minimizing potential risks - all this without sacrificing any fun! However, suppose anything goes wrong due to weather conditions or any other force majeure situation outside our control. In that case, we reserve the right to change routes, schedules, and itineraries as needed because of unforeseeable risk. 
  • Travellers should always purchase comprehensive travel insurance before leaving on their journey.
  • My team and I use various suppliers during our tours. We cannot be held responsible for any negligence or intentional acts committed by those we work with, whether it is a supplier or third party who may act without permission from us as well!
  • By signing up for this tour, you are agreeing that our guide may take photos or videos during the operation of any tours and use them in promotional materials.


  • When you reserve online a full payment is charged to your credit card.
  • We can't be held liable for any loss in currency exchange during transactions as we don’t charge booking or transaction fees. The Canadian dollar (CAD) is our only mode of payment and all refunds will also come with this currency conversion rate!
  • Unless otherwise specified, the price displayed on our website is not inclusive of foreign departure fees, security charges, park fees, and other local passenger-facility charger that may apply.
  • Quoted values do not include alcoholic drinks, items of personal spending or any other thing that might be on your tour.
  • You can make payments through our online billing system and if PayPal fees (usually 3.5%-4%) are extra, then those will have to be paid by the participant too.
  • For multi-day tours and workshops, a deposit is required to reserve your spot. The amount varies depending on the trip and can be paid through the website for a specific tour. 
  • The final payment for multi-day workshops is due no later than 30 days before the departure date.
  • For one-day photo tours, full payment needs to be made online before your reservation is confirmed.
  • When sending money, the sender is responsible for all charges.


  • When you receive an email confirmation of your booking, we'll also send over a request for registration information. This includes full names and contact info so that our tour planners can better plan what's expected during each visit! This will include;  but is not limited to full name, email address, phone number, health & dietary condition to better plan your tour.


  • Weather is no excuse for not seeing the outdoors. Our tours go, rain or shine. So you can experience all that nature has to offer. Sometimes the most dramatic photographs are in imperfect weather.
  • If the National Weather Service issues a severe weather alert, your tour will be rescheduled if severe weather persists for at least two hours into the scheduled tour. In this situation, you'll receive 100% refund or an alternative date of choice upon request.
  • No refund or credit will be given if you have signs of illness upon arrival on tour. And you will not be allowed to participate to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • You'll get your money back in the same form as when you originally paid.
  • If the customer doesn't show up, you're not entitled to any refund. Depending on whether it's a group tour or a private session, we'll give you a reasonable waiting time before the tour starts departure.
  • If the number of participants falls short on any given tour or in cases where safety may not be guaranteed, I will offer a full refund to those who have already paid.
  • Single-Day Tours -  You get 50% refunded if you cancel within 30 days of starting the tour.
  • Multi-day tour & workshops - In the event I don't sell enough seats on a photo trip, my entire tour may be canceled and all deposits refunded.
    • As we said before, it is very important to get a travel insurance in case something goes wrong with your trip.
    • If you decide not to attend the tour / workshop, we will refund your entire booking amount if the workshop is full. If the tour / workshop does not fill. We'll refund 50% if canceled greater than 90 days from the start date of the workshop. Otherwise, there is no refund.


  • Safety is our number one priority, always. The team here is passionate about keeping you safe and comfortable. Our commitment to your complete satisfaction guarantees it.
  • Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or they can't come in without permission from their guardians.
  • When booking, this confirms you are in good physical shape to hike short distances on easy or moderate terrain for single-day tours. If longer hikes with difficult terrains are planned it is important that the client has had some previous experience hiking similar routes so they know how much energy and focus needs to be applied at each step of their journey.
  • We want you to have a great time during the retreat, but it is important that your health and dietary needs are met. We will let suppliers know about any restrictions before departure so they can prepare accordingly; however there's no guarantee what kind of equipment or food might be available for those with special requirements-so please let us know ahead if possible!
  • To help protect you from any personal accidents that might occur on your photo tour or workshop, please get accident insurance.